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The Big Day of Anyone’s Life, Special occasions, Parties, Events and even a Small Family Function create long-lasting memories. All these events should plan accordingly so that you and your guests would cherish those memories for the lifetime. A lot of research and arrangements need to be done which includes various tasks like booking the event venue, food menu, dazzling decoration, occasion conduction and so on. So, you would glad to know that only a well experienced and completely dedicated E & P .com based in Chandigarh can give a touch of magnificence to your occasion and make it a great success.

E&P .com is based in Chandigarh (Pb.) established in the Year 2016 and a renowned name which you can trust without any doubt. We love to create beautiful, stylish events. We specialize in bringing your dream event to life. We are rapidly expanding and focusing on Event planning and Management. In short span of time, we have built a reputation and respect in the field of Events. We believe in delivering high quality customized services to our clients based from diverse industries. We have a team of young professional staff and most professional service available. We are the full service one stop shop for all your event design and decor needs for corporate projects, theme parties, conceptualization, production, live entertainment, virtually any special events you can imagine. Our event management techniques are so unique and different that set us apart from peers. When it comes to brilliantly organize an event for a special occasion, we beat the top place in the event management companies list. Our highly dedicated staff in Zirakpur works with great enthusiasm & with highly motivated spirit so that you can enjoy each and every moment of your special occasion without any kind of stress & doubt in your mind.

At Events & Production Management Company, we firmly assure that your special occasion will be as special & grand that would create a memorable expression on everyone’s mind. When you believe in us & invest your savings with us, we assure for the grand success of your event that will make you feel proud and fulfill all your dreams related to your event.

E & P .com Company works at its best across North Region, Himachal, J&K and provides multi-aspect event arrangement as well as an in-house production of all equipment, decoration items, Exhibition Material (Octomom Stalls) music system arrangements and so on important things which are a necessary part of every event. Whether you are in search of wedding planning, corporate event, birthday party or private parties etc. we are here to organize all your event with complete dedication. From event decoration to lip-smacking food and from music to dazzling lighting décor, all responsibilities will be taken care by our dedicated staff, when you choose us to manage your event. We are working hard each & every day to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers. We are responsible to make the remarkable and unique experience on the most important events of their life. Call us anytime! We would love to hear from you a ‘Yes’ to manage your life’s most prestigious moments!




You might want something a bit different or unique at your upcoming event, and that’s where we can really shine your event. We assure you with multiple exciting themes or numerous suggestions to make sure you’re happy during your event.



We as an experienced event planner knows what costs to expect and whether there are differences in value. With this knowledge, we can help keep track of the overall price and suggest ways that you can stay within a set budget.




We are very detail-oriented, which is great for making you sure that nothing is left out. Our professionals know what different events and occasions demand and are familiar with the finer details.


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