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E&P is a name prestigious for directing spellbinding corporate occasions at a stunning cost structure. We are a broadly acclaimed corporate event administration organization with a sole plan to give magnificent planning and make your corporate event an astonishing success. We provide the best corporate events services to set up your corporate event with the most extreme happiness and gladness by our first class assets and services. Whether it is leading exhibitions, corporate occasions, BTL or special parties, no one can make your corporate event a huge success like us. There are plenty of advantages of enlisting E & P Company for business and corporate occasions meet. Our event management staff is dedicated enough to electrify the whole event.


“Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on the earth”

This quote is truly well said. Marriage is without a doubt an extremely important occasion in everyone’s life. Marriage is not a beautiful relationship between two souls but it also makes a union between two families. The wedding is an occasion of the lifetime and the memories that created in this event is treasured forever by all. E &P Company inspires you in building the most wonderful moments of your life by giving unrivaled wedding management services. Our wedding organizers work constantly with great enthusiasm to make your big day a fantastic success which you can appreciate for the lifetime. We provide you with the wide range of wedding event services which epitomizes event venue, event anchoring, stage setup, catering, cocktail party, wedding card + box packing, pandit arrangement, ladies sangeet arrangement, flower & lighting decoration and so on wedding services are still on the list that would be offer by E & P company. We promise to keep you updated with latest wedding theme trends to make your Bid day scintillating and a grand success. Get in touch with us soon to make your wedding day most spectacular which nobody has ever experienced till now.



Commending the annual day function have moved toward becoming a significant standard thing in universities & institutes. Relatively every other college and university composes their own institutional fest which is an open door for them to feature their best talents and furthermore call the best artists and superstars to fill the occasion totally with glamour and glitz. an institutional fest isn’t as simple as it appears, it requires a broad measure of arranging, gathering of the essential assets to run the fest, thorough honing sessions of events and plenty of different things. Keeping in mind the significance of annual day celebration, our institutional feast administration organization is known for making the most dazzling institutional fest which is full of excitement, jollity, and happiness. E & P Company being the best corporate events services provider & the best institutional events planner, arrange the top-notch Institutional events & manage the whole fest from beginning to the last step. We comprehend what youth need in the fest event, therefore our team deals with the entire thing accordingly as indicated by the need of the hour. From setting up the enchanting stage to arranging the swashbuckling activities and mind-blowing ramp shows, we have the competency to offer you the ideal arrangement which doesn’t cost you a fortune. So what are you waiting for! Add grandeur to your occasion and make it a sizzling hot event with the best institutional fest organizer ‘E & P’ Company.


Bowl over all your guests by planning an exciting birthday party with the assistance of first-class birthday event organizer ‘E & P Company’. Being the best corporate events services providers, we are a definitive center point who is known for leading splendid birthday parties with a cost-savvy plan. Simply select from the tremendous party themes and prop up yourself to enjoy the most happening and thrilling birthday party of your life. To make the birthday party more cheerful and energetic, our birthday organizers conduct the different activities like riddle games, decoration, cake and so forth to keep draw attention of all your guests & relatives and give them the best birthday celebration party. We hold mastery in leading the birthday parties and bewildering occasions. Children are very fascinated about celebrating their birthday celebrations and clowns, toon characters include cherry on the cake. From Tom and Jerry to Noddy, Batman, Spiderman, Superman there are various characters show E & P Company provide all arrangements which can make your child birthday magnificent.

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